Jun 09

A Texas Sized Player Comes Back To His NJ Roots – Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

A Texas Sized Player Comes Back To His NJ Roots

Brian Cushing on Mentoring

By Anthony Bonelli

            Before heading off to the NFL, Brian Cushing, the newest member of the Houston Texans, came back to his old stomping grounds at BergenCatholicHigh School, in Oradell, NJ, for their Annual Alumni Football Clinic, on June 13, 2009.  It featured hands-on coaching in all aspects of football and was coached by Rich Scanlon ’99 (New York Giants), Brian Cushing ’05, and an impressive list of counselors & special guests from all levels of football – high school, college and the pros according to the sponsor, Championship Football Clinics, Inc. Cushing said “it’s special” when asked what it was like to be a mentor or a role model.

Cushing flew to New Jersey just for the B.C. Alumni Football Clinic.  There were local news cameras everywhere and all the local sportscasters wanted to interview him because he was just drafted into the NFL.  When Cushing drove up to the clinic in an older model, white Jeep everybody stopped their preparation for the day and shouted “Oh, there is Cush”.  Brian looked fit, trim, but his face was scarred and scratched from off season workouts in Texas. When he reached the group, all of the staff was “high fiving” him saying their congratulations for his accomplishment. All the boys, fifth to ninth graders, stared in awe, as if it were the first time they saw Santa.  Cushing stated, “Coming out and coaching the kids, like I once was, makes me feel real good.  I hope they will look up to me some day. “

Brian currently leads the Texans defense with 14 tackles and 12 assists and his picture is featured on the home page of houstontexans.com, where the latest photos from the most recent game are displayed.