Jan 15

Alex Rodriguez Saga-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

So I am sure my reviews want to know my opinion about Alex Rodriguez. Well here is my take, first of all, I think the golden boy used performance enhancing drugs, more than the one time he is admitting to. Second of all, I think baseball was out to get Rodriguez, because he is the only player to be suspended without baseball having a failed drug test. If the evidence from the Biogenesis Clinic is true I believe that is enough evidence but who knows if it’s true. The Commissioner and everyone in his office are hypocrites, because in 1998 when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa broke the single-season home run record, at the time, and everyone knew both of them were using steroids including baseball everyone turned a blind eye. So now baseball is trying to backtrack and say they want everyone to be clean and get steroids out of the game. In my mind it a little too late for that. If baseball would have done something during the 1998 season I would have said good job baseball. Now I say damage control.