Jun 28

America The Beautiful-Sports Talk with Anthony Bonelli

It is up for debate whether soccer is the least favorite sport in America, but by the popularity of the World Cup, you would not think that would be up for discussion. Yes, every American may not be able to name every member of the United States Men’s Soccer Team, but the patriotism that has been displayed by the American public has been amazing.
People say that, sports brings people closer together, that was very evident yesterday, as the entire country watched the U. S. take on Germany. Although, it was not the outcome the United States fans were hoping for, the U. S. Is still moving on to the Knockout Stage, or The Round of 16. They tied Portugal for points, with 4, but because the U. S. had a higher Goal Differential, they were able to move on. Not quite a "wild card", certainly a statistical advantage!
After the 2010 World Cup, when the U. S. lost to Ghana, and was eliminated in the Knockout Stage, the CEO of United States Soccer Federation Dan Flynn, decided to fire Bob Bradley as manager, and hire Jurgen Kilnsmann in 2011. In a statement in 2010, the United States Soccer Federation President said, "There seemed to be a growing feeling that the Americans had stagnated in their progression while the fast, young, creative Mexican team had surpassed the United States as the region’s top team."
On December 6, when the U. S. drew what people called the Group of Death a group that included, Germany, Portugal, and Ghana, people said, the U. S. would not perform well. Although, they have only reached the Knockout Stage, I believe they have exceeded expectations. So far, the local pub owner has flat screens for every new relationship because of Soccer Mania. Hopefully, those relationships will continue, as the U. S. faces Belgium on Tuesday, at 3:30 PM Eastern Time on ESPN. God bless the USA, let’s go out and do what we know how to do, and kick some butt!