Apr 04

College Basketball National Championship Prediction-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

The madness comes to a conclusion tonight as the Villanova Wildcats and the North Carolina Tar Heels will have 40 minutes to decide who will be the last one standing in the Lone Star State and be called the Men’s College Basketball Champion of 2016! The key to this game is, will Villanova’s defense contain North Carolina’s post players enough to give them a chance to be victorious? North Carolina struggled mightily against Syracuse’s 2-3 Zone in the first part of the first half of Saturday night’s Semifinal Game. Once they started attacking the gaps of the zone they were able to score with ease. This is a what they will have to do in order to be victorious tonight. Villanova may not be as big on the inside as North Carolina, but their guards will make it difficult for North Carolina to enter the ball into the post. I expect them to double down on the post every time the ball gets entered into it. That being said, North Carolina must continue to shoot well from the outside, when a team doubles down on the post an outside shooter is open most times. On offense I expect Villanova to try and slow the pace down, North Carolina loves to run and score in transition. If both teams combined score 60 points by Halftime it will be difficult for the Wildcats to win. I think it will be a close game unlike the two Semifinal Games on Saturday night, but I just do not think Villanova will be able score enough. That is why I am predicting that the North Carolina Tar Heels will be the 2016 Champions of Men’s College Basketball.

Final score: North Carolina 75 Villanova 70

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  1. Bob Magnuson

    Come on, Anthony! The Wildcats by nine points! Bob Magnuson, Oxford.

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