Jan 10

Divisional Playoff Round Picks-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

Another weekend, means four more NFL playoff games. The moment you have all been waiting for all week is finally here. It’s time for my divisional playoff round picks.

The first game is Caroline and San Francisco, I am going with San Francisco for one simple reason Carolina’s star receiver Steve Smith is not even close to 100%, he has a sprained knee. Carolina has no offense without Smith. Yes, Cam Newton is a dynamic and talented quarterback, but San Francisco’s defense is one of the strongest in the NFL. They will take Newton’s ability to escape from the pocket away from him, and that is when he is and his best. Final score 27-10 San Francisco

The second game is Indianapolis and New England, the veteran quarterbacks versus the up and coming quarterback. After last week I am tempted to take Indianapolis, as I write this I am still deciding. I think it is going to be a three point game, and the last team to have the ball will win. I’ve made my decision 27-24…. wait for it New England

Now we come to Sunday New Orleans and Seattle start us off this one is pretty simple for me Seattle has lost one home game the last two years, and New Orleans struggles on the road. Seattle 27 New Orleans 14

Denver and San Diego… Do I really need to say who I am taking, for those of you who know me. Denver is not losing at home, especially to a divisive rival who has already beaten them at home. Denver 20 San Diego 10
Have a great football weekend everyone,. We are almost ready for their first cold weather Super Bowl. I can’t wait!