Apr 02

Enjoy Life-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

There are times in our lives where we just need to take a step back and appreciate what we have. Believe me I know life can be hectic at times, but it’s the people in our lives that make it worthwhile. We all have people in our lives that make us strive to be better, that help us stay positive when times get rough.

Think about this, you wake up one morning and you realize your alarm did not go off, and now you are late for work. You want to make a cup of coffee quickly because you cannot function without a cup of hot coffee. You go into the kitchen and you find out you have no more coffee beans to make your hot cup of coffee. You get to work and your boss reprimands you for being late, and face it, you do not have a valid excuse for it.

I know this is sometimes difficult to do, but when you have days like this it is the perfect day to reflect on life and appreciate what you have. I have had days like this, days that I would like to forget, honestly more than I care to talk about. What I try and do during these days is remember all the moments that have occurred in my life that always make me smile.

Enjoy life, no matter what it brings you do your best to smile. Think of those special moments that make you smile when you feel like nothing is going right. I usually write about sports, but I felt we all needed a reminder about how thankful we should all be for what we have been given in life, including myself. I write all the time in the final paragraphs of my articles that I want my readers to learn something from them, in this one I do not expect my readers to learn something, rather I would hope that my readers reflect on their lives and appreciate everything in them.