Sep 23

Life Changer-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

Today I write with a very heavy heart, Lawrence Peter Berra better known as Yogi, left the earth last night at the age of 90. The saying, numbers don’t tell the whole story could not be truer when talking about the impact that Yogi Berra had on my life. You may say, how did a 10 time World Series Champion have such a long-lasting impact on someone who is not even the slightest bit of A New York Yankees’ fan? The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center is located in Montclair New Jersey, on the campus of Montclair State University. That is where many broadcasting careers began, including mine as that is the venue where the Bruce Beck & Ian Eagle Sports Broadcasting Camp is held.
I was a meek and mild 13 -year-old the first time I went into the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center, by the time I came out five days later, and in the years that followed I was a more confident young adult. I consider the five summers I spent in that museum five of the best summers of my life. Although Mr. Berra only made a brief appearance every summer, he always spend time with us and gave us words of wisdom and encouragement as we all chased our dream of becoming Sports Broadcasters. It’s not very often that one of the greatest players in baseball history walks into a building where you are, what’s even less likely is when that legend walks into the building without any sort of security around him.

Often times in sports we use the phrase game changer for a player who takes over a game and leads his or her team to victory, I don’t know if this phrase has ever been used, if not I am going to create it for this fine amazingly humble individual, that is the phrase life changer. I am not only referring to my life but also the lives of all the people in the Bruce Beck & Ian Eagle Sports Broadcasting Camp fraternity, because that’s what we really are, a family. This camp has launched so many great careers, not only in broadcasting, but in the world of sports.

I am sure the older generation will remember where they were when Berra won each of his 10 championships, and I am sure that is a memorable moment for all who remember, but I can only watch the highlights from each of those 10 championships. What I will remember is Mr. Berra’s kind and gracious nature, which I do have firsthand knowledge of.

As I said in my last blog entitled True Love a blog which details the journey of Basketball Hall of Fame member Dikembe Mutombo sports is not just about the statistics an individual amasses during his or her career, it’s also about how the person uses their fame and fortune for the good of the world. Mr. Berra is another fine example of a person who used his fame and fortune for the good of the world. He opened his museum to me and the other members of the fraternity, because of this act of kindness many dreams have been turned into reality.
May you rest in peace with your fellow teammates, and your beloved wife Carmen. May you find comfort in knowing that on your last day on this earth that your beloved Yankees won an extra inning thriller! Thank you for all you’ve done for me and baseball fans around the world. Rest in peace Mr. Berra.