Jul 10

Living The Dream-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

Living the dream

There are many factors that go into a collegiate basketball player’s decision to enter the NBA draft. For some players, it’s because of financial reasons, some players just want to play on the big stage, but for Isaiah Austin, I bet he would just like to get back to playing the game he loves.

When a player decides to enter into the NBA draft there is a process he must go through, including a physical. About a week before the draft, draft prospect Isaiah Austin, center from Baylor, went through that physical and found out, his NBA career was over before it even started. Austin was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called, Marfan Syndrome, which affects the body’s connective tissue this connective tissue holds the organs and tissues together, it also helps with the body’s growth and development.

After hearing that life-changing news, Austin thought his dream of becoming an NBA player was over, but NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wanted Austin to experience at least part of his dream. Between the 15th and 16th selections of the 2014 NBA Draft, Silver announced, that the NBA would like to recognize Austin and allow him to realize his dream of walking across the stage, putting on an NBA hat, and taking a picture with him. "I have a whole life ahead of me," Austin said. "I’m not going to sit here and I’m not going to sulk about not being able to play basketball anymore, because I can still be involved with the game somehow or some way." Young fans of the NBA, sometimes wear the jersey of their favorite player, because of, the way they play, and the talent they have. I hope the NBA gives Austin his own jersey, so that young people can wear his jersey not because of his talent, but because of his determination and unwillingness to give up on his dream.

Since being appointed in February, Silver has made some decisions that have made league history, however I think this is the best decision he has made to date. When you are in a leadership position there is not always joy in the decisions you make, I am sure this was a welcome change for Silver.