Apr 15

Mamba Magic Part Two-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

What exactly is Mamba Magic? Well, like some of the things Bryant did on the basketball court, Mamba Magic is an original phrase that is indescribable. If you really insist on knowing the true meaning of the phrase, I would say it perfectly describes the artistry Bryant displayed over the course of his career.
That is how I described Mamba Magic in Part One; Bryant showed us that artistry one final time last night. Prior to last night’s game I was hoping that Bryant would score 25 to 30 points, while savoring every last moment of his final game. I do not think I am overstating it when I say Bryant surprised us all by scoring 60 points. We all know: Bryant has looked like a shell of his former self this year. I ask you this question, are you surprised that one of the greatest players in NBA history performed at his best during one of the biggest moments of his career?

Some of the critics might say Bryant took 50 shots, my answer to you is this you are right, but let’s not forget the other part of the story, the Lakers were losing by double digits at one time. When a team is losing you want your best player to take a leadership role with the hope that the rest of the team will follow his or her lead. That is exactly what Bryant and the rest of the Lakers did. In every situation a person must look at the positive side of things, especially during a special night like last night. What better way can one of the greatest players to ever play the game say goodbye then to put on the show he put on for every fan last night. I think sometimes people take things for granted, next year when Bryant is not on the court, I believe people will be longing for some Mamba Magic!

There are not many more superlatives I can use, or for that matter words I can write to describe Bryant’s Hall of Fame career. What I can do however is find a song to perfectly describe the game that he had last night. My way by the late great Frank Sinatra, Bryant went out on his own terms, and did it his way.

Mr. Bryant I would like to take this opportunity to one more time say thank you for all that you have done for the game. You have been an amazing ambassador for this great game, and you will be missed. I know you love to write stories; I will be interested to know how you eloquently describe your illustrious career. I know you will paint a great picture for all of us. As I did in Part One, I would like to wish you the very best in your future endeavors.