Mar 30

March Madness-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

I am sitting here watching the Florida Dayton game this game is exactly why I love the month of March. Dayton was not supposed to make it this far, but I guess they are this year’s Cinderella team. I really give the Dayton coaching staff a lot of credit, they have instilled in their team the desire and the will to never give up. I don’t care if you are the least talented team in the game of basketball, if you have five guys that believe they can win you will have a shot. As the former Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg said at the 2014 Braydon Carr Foundation Coaches Clinic you can have the best play, but if you only have three guys out of five buying in to it it won’t work. You can have the worst play, but have all five guys buying in and they will find a way. Perfect example, Dayton is now down by nine with about 2 min. to go they were once down by double digits and could have easily given up. They have all five guys buying in to what they are doing, are they more talented than Florida.no but in basketball heart beats talent a day maybe not on the scoreboard, but in life. March Madness isn’t just great because you get to watch great teams compete for a championship, but you also get to watch young men grow together as a team and work together to reach the common belief that a common goal Dayton is about to lose but they had a great year that might sound cliché, but they started out the year two and eight and they were able to overcome adversity and perform at the highest level on the biggest stage. Enjoy the rest of the tournament everyone!