May 17

Nat Swatter-Orange and Blue Diary Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

So Mets’ fans it is that time, that time to swat some Nats! Yes, the Washington Nationals come to Citi Field tonight as the division rivals begin a three game series. As I promised in the first entry of the Orange and Blue Diary, I will give you my thoughts on this early but crucial series with the first-place team in the National League East Division. I know Mets’ fans are a little shell shocked after the Mets were swept away in the Rocky Mountains this past weekend, but I urge fans not to go to crazy about three games in May. Don’t get me wrong, I was just as disappointed and surprised as you were at the outcomes this weekend, but the beauty of baseball is the fact that we can move on from each disappointing game and series very quickly. Make no mistake about it, the Mets did not play well this weekend but the members of the Orange and Blue always seem to rise to the occasion when the Nationals are next on their schedule. Whether you are a fan of the Mets or Nationals or not, these three games should be very special to watch. Yes, I know I mentioned the fact that it is only early May, but when these two teams meet baseball fans see something that is sometimes underappreciated, that is the emotions that the players on both teams display. I ask you to take note of this underappreciated aspect of the game. Daniel Murphy returns to New York tonight for the first time since he signed with Washington in the off-season, Murphy had an amazing postseason which helped propel the Mets to the World Series, and yes he has continued his power surge during the early part of this season, but I believe the Mets middle infield defense has drastically improved with Neil Walker playing second base. Walker has made some amazing plays thus far this season, plays that I believe Murphy would not have made. There is no question the Mets miss Murphy’s bat in their lineup, but I would rather have Walker’s defense then Murphy’s bat. You probably think I am crazy, but let me explain, the Mets are doing everything in their power to protect the arms of their very special pitching staff, Murphy made numerous errors last year, while those errors may not have turned into runs every time, the errors did prolong innings which means that the pitchers had to throw extra, which meant more stress on their arms. So it is now prediction time, I think the Mets will win two out of three games in this series, I think the Mets’ hitting will be dramatically better than it was this weekend. I never worry about their pitching keeping them in the game, I have said this before, and I will say it again, the Mets have the best pitching staff in baseball. Enjoy this series Mets’ fans, LET’S GO METS!!!