Jun 02

No Excuses-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

Recently, the sports world has been glued to every form of media waiting to hear the latest on the NBA Playoffs, the NHL Playoffs, and Deflate-Gate, which is a story that centers on whether the New England Patriots tampered with the footballs used in the AFC Championship Game.

While these major sports stories were unfolding, sports fans might have overlooked a sports story which aired on ESPN that can teach the American public more than a score of a playoff game, or any cheating scandal: A seven-year-old wrestler from Long Beach New York named. IsaiahBird is inspiring millions with every match that he participates in. Athletes generally try and strengthen every part of their body to gain an advantage over their opponent. Rather than gaining an advantage over his opponents, Bird was put at a disadvantage even before he graced the wrestling mat because Bird was born with no legs.

It is sometimes very difficult for an individual to accept the fact that he or she is different from everyone else. Something that helps a person start to accept the fact that they are different is, support from family members and having the comfort in knowing someone will always be there for you no matter what. Bird unfortunately has not always experienced that comfort, as his father has been in and out of prison, and both his mother and his father have been arrested for domestic violence on one another.

Athletes and their coaches sometimes have a special bond with one another, athletes may ask their coaches for advice, they may ask them for help with their schoolwork, or help with improving their athletic skills. Bird’s wrestling coach,Miguel Rodriguez, took that bond between a coach and athlete a step further. Knowing Bird has experienced so much adversity, including living in a shelter; Rodriguez talked to Bird’s mom, Bernadette Hopton, and offered to take Bird into his home. Rodriguez reassured Bird’s mother that her son would have a roof over his head, food on the table, and be well taken care of. Rodriguez not only kept his promises, he also helped Bird become one of the most successful young wrestlers in the state of New York in his age group, while instilling the mantra, “No Excuses,”into Bird’s head and daily life. This past season, Bird finished with a 20 and 2 record, and was only one win away from placing in the New York State Tournament.

Sometimes people don’t realize what they can learn from the younger generation, especially those who overcome adversity and realize their dreams. Bird may not realize at his young age that he has taught many people about not letting adversity stop them from realizing their dreams. In the words of Isaiah Bird, “My name is Isaiah Bird. I have no legs but that’s okay, No Excuses.”