Jun 09

No Excuses – Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

No Excuses

Bob Hurley’s Inspirational Coaching Methods

Anthony Bonelli

         38 years is generally considered a journey half way through a lifetime. Though many would consider such a journey a chance at countless memories and experiences, Bob Hurley’s 38 years of coaching at St. Anthony’s High School in Jersey City has been nothing less than inspirational. Over those years his motivational techniques and assertive yet compelling coaching methods have evolved the future of many adolescent teens.

Hurley states, “I enjoy the complication in my life though some would say it seems his manner of coaching comes with little difficulty.”

With 984 victories only straying 16 wins away from becoming the 10th   boy’s high school basketball coach to ever achieve 1,000 games won, Bob Hurley has withstood an incredible journey.

Over the years Hurley and his teams have accomplished numerous goals winning 24 state titles, nine straight championships from 83-91, five unbeaten seasons, and were selected as national poll champions three times.

Looking back and witnessing his aspirations as a coach and his style of coaching and motivation with no doubt about it Hurley is a mentor. Someone who believes his boys were able to build better lives and go further than anyone would imagine. Though basketball was their commitment academics were number one.

Out of 38 years of coaching boys basketball teams which usually average 13 players a year only two players did not go onto college. This shows Hurley’s incredulous strive for his players, his commitment toward their success, and his dynamic outlook intertwined with old school enforcement.

His assertive never-ending lessons to make each player a mountain full of skill, knowledge, and technique to guide them through all their endeavors have continuously been rewarded. However nothing rates higher than being inducted into the 2010 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

Hurley was the third high school coach ever to go in the hall of fame possibly opening the doors for other coaches because so many go unnoticed.

Hurley stated, “I do not feel like I belong because I look to my left I see Karl Malone and then I look to my right and see Scottie Pippen.”

“Sitting in a room with two of the best teams to ever represent this country, the 1960 and1992 Olympic teams, I felt uncomfortable; however everyone made me feel right at home,” Hurley Stated.

Remembering his thoughts, Hurley humorously said, “He thought a new vote came in and said he was not an inductee during the Jacket Ceremony when the announcer first skipped him in the line to receive his jacket.

With is rough and tough coaching exterior melting away Hurley was enshrined with the greatest honor a basketball coach can receive.

After years of coaching the inner city youth to their full potential Hurley still believes that though the city has changed the desire of the children to succeed has not.

Children throughout their lifetime will commit if they have the appropriate guidance.  Teenagers sometimes allow environmental issues to influence their behaviors and decisions. Though many of the boys Hurley has coached have experienced troubles in their life, all of them walk away from their high school basketball career knowing someone had their back. Someone was there to guide them along the right path, someone was there as a father figure, someone was there to be more than a coach. That someone was Bob Hurley.

“A 2010 Hall of Fame Inductee”