Nov 04

Orange And Blue Diary Final Entry-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

Fans of the orange and blue, sure I can rehash the debacle that was Game 5, but as you know from the previous entries in this diary I try and be as positive as possible. There is no need to talk about Game 5 and raise my blood pressure, because believe me I can but I will not go on another rant like I did in the last installment of this diary. What I would rather do is say how awesome Mets’ fans are! I briefly mentioned this in other installments, but what better way to close the diary then to talk about something AMAZING!

From my perspective the season made me experience so many emotions, anger, because of bad plays, and bad decisions that were made, stress because of the numerous games that caused me to try to bite my nails, and of course happiness because of the very successful season, unexpectedly I might add. What made this season even more enjoyable to watch was watching the fans at Citi Field experience the same emotions that I was feeling during the games. My favorite moment from the season was the Sunday night game against Washington in late September, what made this game so enjoyable to watch you ask, not the fact that the Mets were victorious, but the fact that Citi field was filled to capacity for the first time in many months! Just because the stadium seats are filled does not mean a stadium will be loud, it is the people in the stadium seats that make a stadium loud! Fans of the orange and blue made Citi field shake that night according to the players on the field. Mets’ players also said it was the loudest they had ever heard Citi field!

The Mets allowed their fans to show their love for them in late October for the first time in NINE YEARS, and what a job we did expressing that love if I do say so myself. The organization asked us to wear orange and blue on the days of the playoff games, and without hesitation we answered that request in cities all over America!
Certain life experiences help you gain a better appreciation for certain words, throughout the postseason, I have gained a better appreciation for the words pride and loyalty. Mets’ fans very easily could have given up on the team during the eight dismal years prior to this amazing playoff run, but they did not! Sure we expressed our displeasure with the team, but that did not mean we were not going to cheer for the team, as hard as that may have been at times, and hope that the dismal years we were experiencing came to a conclusion sooner rather than later. Guess what fans of the orange and blue, they came to a conclusion this year, as disappointed as we all are right now, I ask you, how great was it to watch our beloved New York Mets in the WORLD SERIES!!!!

For the first time in many years I am looking with great optimism towards the 2016 season. There are some adjustments that need to be made as with any team, but I believe that the house is pretty much built, there are just some accessories that need to be added. Fans of the orange and blue as I close the diary I ask you to continue yelling LET’S GO METS!!!!