Oct 22

Orange And Blue Diary National League Championship Series Part Four-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

I must begin this entry with a message to all Chicago Cubs’ fans. I can only imagine the disappointment you all are feeling right now, another year gone by without a World Series Championship. I am sure all of you felt that this was going to FINALLY be the year that the so-called curse was broken. Let me assure all of you that this year was not an anomaly, and a championship will be coming to the Windy City sooner than you think! Cubs’ fans are the most loyal fans in sports. Think about it, 107 years without a championship and yet the Wrigley Field seats are filled for every home game, the true meaning of LOYAL FANS

I have been very critical of the Mets’ offense throughout the course of the playoffs. My feeling is that Lucas Duda got tired of me ripping him because of his lack of production at the plate, because last night he certainly produced! In the first inning with two men on Duda hit a three-run Home Run over the Center Field wall, this was what ALL Mets’ fans have been waiting for all postseason. Prior to last night, Duda was mired in a 3 for 24 slump accumulating 13 strikeouts in those 24 plate appearances. Travis D’ Arnaud must have gotten jealous at the way the dugout erupted after Duda’s Home Run, as he followed with a solo Home Run of his own. In the top of the second inning Duda continued his hot streak when he doubled in two more runs giving the Mets a 6-0 lead that they would never relinquish.

I said yesterday that I had run out of superlatives to describe the Mets’ pitching staff, well now I can say the same about Daniel Murphy! Murphy continued his indescribable power stretch going 4-5 with two Singles, a Double and a record-breaking Home Run, Murphy has broken Carlos Beltran’s record by hitting a home run in six straight playoff games, as I referenced yesterday, Beltran hit a home run in five straight playoff games. What else can I say; Murphy has truly embodied the definition of an amazing Met during the postseason!

I am disappointed in the fact that Long Island native, lifelong Mets’ fan, and the Mets’ starting pitcher Steven Matz did not qualify for the win last night, because he did not pitch five innings, he was one out away from accomplishing this, when Terry Collins came out of the dugout and made the signal to the bullpen my heart sank, because I saw the disappointment in Matz’s face as he went into the dugout. Steven you have nothing to be disappointed about, you did what a starting pitcher is asked to do, keep his team in the game! Once again, the combination which Collins called upon to secure the clinching victory for the orange and blue that being, Bartolo Colon, Addison Reed, Tyler Clippard, and of course Jeurys Familia did exactly that!

Mets’ fans, I want you to remember there is one more mission to accomplish on this playoff journey, a World Series Championship. Listening to the radio waves and the television today, it seems as if most fans and many New York broadcasters have forgotten about this last mission! I have never seen the Mets raise the World Series Trophy, so I for one certainly have not forgotten about this last mission! I urge all fans of the orange and blue to certainly enjoy the National League Championship we have secured, but also to not be satisfied with just one championship why not go for the gusto! LET’S GO METS!!!!

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  1. Bob Magnuson

    Thanks for turning around Lucas Duda!! Hard to believe that we are in this position. It’s been so long, I have a hard time knowing how to act!

    Good article.

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