Oct 17

Orange And Blue Diary National League Championship Series Part One-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

Fans of the orange and blue, and readers of this diary, get out your black cats, your billy goats, and if you can find Steve Bartman invite him over to your house. Well the next mission on the Mets’ playoff journey is to beat America’s darlings: the Chicago Cubs in a best-of-seven series. Yes, the winner of this series will represent the National League in the World Series, but this series goes well beyond that, it is also about the two starving franchises and fan bases who have been longing for a successful season and finally got it this year.

The key to this series will be can the Mets’ starting pitching continue their dominance. The Mets need to hold the Cubs to three runs or less in order to be victorious in this series, the reason why I say this is because if they do not do this in each game, that means the Cubs are seeing the ball pretty well, and getting big hits when they are needed. The Mets also need to get out of their hitting slump; Daniel Murphy has been the only player who has hit consistently thus far. The Cubs have nine threats in their lineup, yes including their pitchers. Last time I checked, nine is considerably more than one, and if Murphy is the only threat in the lineup, what is to say that the Cubs will not pitch around Murphy to get to the weaker part of the lineup.

It is rare that a person calls Game 1 a must win game, but in my opinion, that is exactly what it is for the Mets. My reasons for saying this are as follows, the Mets are not sure who is going to be their starting pitcher tomorrow in Game 2, given this uncertainty, and the fact that the Cubs will be throwing their ace, Jake Arrieta, the Mets cannot afford to potentially lose the first two games at home before going to Wrigley Field. I am not saying they are automatically going to lose Game 2, what I am saying is, the Mets cannot afford to put themselves in such a precarious situation by losing Game 1. The Dark Knight, Matt Harvey needs to get back to his dominant self, what more can you ask for as a pitcher than to be entrusted with the duty of starting Game 1 of the National League Championship Series at home. He needs to put all of the distractions of the year aside and just focus on tonight. If he is truly a team player like he says he is, he will have no trouble doing this.
So now it is time to sit back and watch Game 1 unfold, all of the predictions and opinions on the game will soon not matter. The only thing that will matter is who will be victorious after nine innings. Big-time players step up in crucial moments which team will be fortunate enough to have that big-time player in their lineup or in their dugout, I do not know and you do not know so let us all sit back and enjoy Game 1 and find out together! So without further or do LET’S GO METS!!!!