Oct 21

Orange And Blue Diary National League Championship Series Part Three-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

Yesterday was a very happy day for a Mets’ legend who is also part of in my opinion the best broadcast team in Major-League Baseball as Keith Hernandez celebrated his birthday. Oh yeah, yesterday was also a very happy day for Mets’ fans as the Mets extended their winning streak to three taking a 3-0 lead in a best-of-seven series. There has only been one team in the league’s history to ever win a best-of-seven series after trailing three games to none, the Boston Red Sox. Even though there has only been one team to accomplish this feat it is because of that one team that I ask all Mets’ fans not to prematurely celebrate until we get the 27th out of our fourth win!

What other superlatives can I use to describe the Mets’ pitching staff, I already used the phrase dominant pitching staff, and I used the word electric to describe their respective Fastballs, I know this is not the best thing to say as a journalist, but I have run out of words and phrases to describe this group and their talents. Jacob deGrom had far from pinpoint control last night, but as in Game 5 of the Division Series he battled his way through seven innings. It is no wonder that he is part of the New York Mets’ franchise because he is flat out amazing!

You would think I could stop talking about the amazing pitching staff since I already wrote about it in the previous paragraph, but I would be remiss if I did not mention the stellar job that the BULLPEN, yes I said the BULLPEN continued to do last night. You might say you could have talked about that in the above paragraph, but the members in it have been so amazing they deserve their own paragraph! Although Tyler Clippard allowed a double in the eighth inning he was able to keep that base runner from scoring. In the ninth Jeurys Familia continued to dazzle all baseball fans with this ability to just flat out fool the Cubs’ hitters with his repertoire of pitches.

Fear not Mets’ fans in the top of the third inning Daniel Murphy continued his power surge by hitting yet another ball out of sight! Murphy tied Carlos Beltran’s playoff record by hitting a home run in five straight games. That is for sure an accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated, but last night it might have gotten overshadowed by the Mets’ ability to manufacture a run. Allow me to explain, in the top of the sixth inning Yoenis Cespedes led off with a Single, Lucas Duda then took advantage of the fact that the Cubs’ infield was shifted all the way over to the right leaving the left side of the infield unoccupied. Duda recognizing this bunted the ball towards the left side of the infield advancing Cespedes to second base, Cespedes then without hesitation stole third. If you thought those series of events were unlikely wait till I tell you what happened next! Michael Conforto had a two strike count on him at the plate, Conforto then swung at a pitch in the dirt and missed it the ball bounced past the catcher allowing Conforto to run to first base, as this was occurring Cespedes scampered home with what turned out to be the game-winning run!

One win that is all that separates the New York Mets from a World Series berth but I caution Mets’ fans because what might sound like a simple task can sometimes be more complex than one might think. I do not think the Cubs want to disappoint their fans anymore than they might already have by getting swept, not to mention at home. I want to win the clinching game as soon as possible, do not get me wrong, but I also want to look at things realistically. I hope tomorrow I can begin the World Series portion of this diary! LET’S GO METS!!!!