Oct 20

Orange And Blue Diary National League Championship Series Part Two-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

Fans of the orange and blue and readers of this diary, I know you are enjoying watching the Mets succeed thus far on their playoff journey, but I urge all of you to remember that the Mets have not accomplished anything. Call me a jaded Mets’ fan or whatever you wish, but the Mets are now two wins away from reaching the World Series and I am hungry for a World Series title. Do not get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Mets win the first two games of the National League Championship Series this weekend, but every Mets’ fan knows we have had our hearts broken before. You probably were not expecting this type of introductory paragraph after such a successful weekend for the Mets, but I am trying to be a sensible and realistic Mets’ fan.

So now that I have covered the balanced perspective of this diary entry it is time to be a little unbalanced. Daniel Murphy all I can say about him is that he is on fire, and I can only wonder where this power bat was all regular-season. As they say, better late than never and in my opinion Murphy’s bat got power charged at the right time. Over the last four games the Mets have faced four of the best starting pitchers in baseball Clayton Kershaw, Zach Greinke, John Lester, and Jake Arrieta, each of which Murphy hit a homerun off. Murphy only had 14 home runs all regular-season, he now has five home runs in seven postseason games, talk about stepping up at the right time. He truly has carried this team throughout the postseason.

In part one I said one of the keys to the Mets’ success would be holding the Cubs under three runs in each game, well they accomplished that feat in games 1 and 2 holding them to two runs in Game 1 and allowing only a single run in Game 2. How were they able to accomplish this, well let me just use the phrase dominant pitching, and that is an understatement. In Game 1 the Dark Knight, Matt Harvey was a true hero, his Fastball was as electric as the Citi Field crowd, and his Curveball kept the powerful Cubs’ hitters off-balance to say the least. On Saturday morning prior to Game 1 I woke up with a feeling that Matt Harvey was going to dominate the Cubs for seven innings and only allow a single run. Although he allowed two runs, he exceeded my innings expectation because he was able to get two outs in the eighth inning before entrusting Jeurys Familia with the task of getting four outs, which he did with ease.

There were several questions prior to Game 2 about who was going to get these starting pitching duties, because of the fact that Noah Syndergaard pitched out of the bullpen in Game 5 of the Division Series against the Dodgers. Syndergaard put those questions to rest by taking the ball in Game 2. Syndergaard continued the trend of domination of the Cub hitters they continued to struggle with just simply putting the bat on the ball, let alone getting the ball past the defense and getting on base. Sydergaard’s elevated pitch count forced the Mets to go to their bullpen in the seventh inning, although this area of the team has been criticized for their inconsistency, there was nothing but praise for the bullpen after the combination of Jon Niese, Tyler Clippard, and Jeurys Familia held the Cubs at bay and secured the victory for the orange and blue!

The Mets now look to close the deal in Chicago and punch their ticket to the World Series, I will say this, the offense needs to wake up in order to do this. A team can not solely rely on one aspect of the team to carry the rest of the team, and that is what the Mets have done so far in the postseason. They will not win this series if this trend continues, I understand every team goes through a slump at some point in the season, but the Mets need to be much more aggressive at the plate. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to write about another successful night for the New York Mets! LET’S GO METS!!!