Oct 14

Orange And Blue Diary Part Five-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

I forgot to mention yesterday a very important factor in Game 4 that would determine the outcome, that being the Clayton Kershaw factor, boy did he make sure I would not forget to mention him in this entry in the Orange and Blue Diary. Prior to the game, TBS showed Kershaw in the dugout exhibiting leadership qualities, meaning he was trying to fire up his teammates before they took the field. Kershaw the Dodgers’ ace of the pitching staff did exactly what an ace of a pitching staff is expected to do, when his team needed him to have his best postseason start of his career, he rose to the occasion. Kershaw dominated the Mets last night he made them look like Little Leaguers at the plate, and if I was not a Mets’ fan his artistry would have been amazing to watch, but instead it was torture to watch. Not to mention the fact that Kershaw’s unlikely hit in the top of the third inning started the Dodgers’ game-winning three run rally, he truly did it all last night.

In the game of baseball there are some games were you are not the better team through no fault of anyone, last night that was the case for the Mets. If you told me that Steven Matz was only going to give up three runs in one inning against any other pitcher I would have signed up for that immediately, but unfortunately Matz made two mistakes while Kershaw only made one, and that was the difference last night. Matz fell behind former Mets’ Utility Infielder; Justin Turner 2-0, a pitcher never wants to fall behind in the count, because that more than likely means they will throw a pitch right down the middle in order to get a strike call. This situation was no different, the only problem was that Turner swung at the pitch and ripped a double down the left-field line which drove in what turned out to be the game-winning two runs.

There is really not much more I can say about last night’s game so now it’s time for me to put my coaching hat on, or in this case my manager’s hat, and give the readers of the Orange and Blue Diary my thoughts on how the Mets can be victorious in Game 5. The Mets will be victorious in Game 5 if, they do not let the pressure of the moment take away from the pleasure of the moment, meaning they are playing the game they love and even though the stakes are high, they cannot let that affect the way they play. This may sound like a trivial key to victory, but throughout my two years of coaching I have learned that a person’s success in sports has to do more with the person’s mental state than their physical abilities. They have to score more than three runs in the first three innings, because more than likely this would mean that the Dodgers would have to go to their bullpen early, which I believe is their weakest area. The pitchers must strike out 10 or more batters, this would mean that the Dodger hitters are having trouble with doing the little things in terms of hitting, for example moving runners into scoring position and or driving in runs.

I am on tenterhooks in anticipation of Game 5, because I honestly do not know which way it is going to go. My hope of course, is that this will not be one of my last entries in the Orange and Blue Diary and that all of you will benefit from the Mets’ success in Game 5. If the Mets do continue on to the National League Championship Series, you can be sure there will be championship entries in the diary. Of course you know how I am going to conclude this entry by now, LET’S GO METS!!!