Oct 16

Orange And Blue Diary Part Six-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

I must start this entry with a story, yesterday morning my personal assistant was shaving my face as I sat in front of my dining room window. As I stared out at a tree, one that I’ve probably seen every day, the leaves on the tree all of a sudden turned Mets’ orange. I already had a good feeling that yesterday was going to be a good day, because when I woke up the sky was bright blue with a just as bright orange sun in it. The signs did not end there, as I continued my morning routine, my personal assistant was brushing my teeth, and on top of my skylight which is located in my kitchen, there was a single orange leaf laying on top of it, it remained in my eyes site until my personal assistant was finished brushing my teeth. You would think those signs would be enough to tell me that yesterday was going to be a good day, but apparently someone did not think so. My household duties required me to go food shopping at ShopRite yesterday, as I went out of my house to get into my van the green tree on the side of my garage turned orange, just like the one I was staring out at earlier in the morning, and just like the leaf on top of my skylight. As I mentioned in part one, my grandfather Ralph Bonelli, and my grandmother Rose Bonelli who have begun their second life loved watching the Mets succeed because of how happy it made me, and I believe those signs came from them, because they wanted to make me smile.
What a game, where do I start, how about with Jacob deGrom, in part five I commended, Clayton Kershaw on his outstanding performance in Game 4, well I would like to do that and more, because unlike Kershaw in Game 4 deGrom had virtually no command of his pitches, but yet he still was able to keep the Mets in the game. As a Warren Hills’ Blue Streaks Baseball Assistant Coach I hope our entire team was watching the game last night, not because the Mets were victorious, but because the Mets exemplified a trait that I look for in all of the teams that I coach, especially the baseball team, that trait is having a strong desire to win even when you are not at your best. deGrom certainly was not at his best, but like Matt Harvey in Game 3, he got crucial outs when he needed to. He gave up two runs in the first inning being the ace that he is; he did not allow another run. He dealt with traffic on the base paths all night, but as I said in part four, traffic on the base paths does not always lead to runs on the scoreboard. In a win or go home game a player sometimes lets his or her emotions get the best of him or her, especially when things start out rough. I thought I knew everything there was to know about deGrom’s physical and internal features, but he unveiled a new great internal feature last night, GUTS!!!

Daniel Murphy sometimes does things that make baseball fans; especially Mets’ fans scratch their heads because of his occasional base running blunders he might have made up for all of them last night in the top of the fourth inning. Murphy was on first base with one out; the infield was shifted all the way over to the right leaving the left side of the infield unoccupied. After a Lucas Duda walk Murphy strolled down to second base, as he was approaching second base he realized that no one was covering third, without hesitation he scampered to third and made it safely. At this point in the game the Mets were trailing 2-1 and struggling to get a run across. Murphy then scored on a sacrifice fly by Travis d’Arnaud. Murphy’s heroics did not stop there, because in the top of the sixth inning Murphy hit what turned out to be a game-winning home run over the right-field wall. Murphy truly was on a hot streak this entire series; he hit .333 in this series including three home runs off arguably the best two pitchers in baseball Clayton Kershaw, and Zack Greinke.
Who has the best pizza, which has the nicest city and nicest people; those are some of the questions that people from Chicago and New York debate with each other about their own city. You can add another question to that debate who has the best National League baseball team, and more importantly who will be headed to the World Series to represent the National League? Unlike the previous questions this question will have a definite answer in about a week. I just have one more thing to say, LET’S GO METS!!!