Oct 09

Orange And Blue Diary Part Two-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

It is finally here Mets’ fans that day we have all been waiting for with bated breath, game one of what hopefully will be the start of a long successful journey in the postseason. What kind of emotions am I feeling right now, well that’s an interesting question because I am feeling quite their range of emotions, excitement, because as a long suffering Mets’ fan I have to cherish these moments, because they do not occur very often, anger, at the fact that the Mets do not have home field advantage, which means the game will not start until 9:45 PM Eastern Time, which means I will have to stay up later than normal in order to watch a good portion of the game, this may cause me to be cranky tomorrow morning, depending on the outcome. Lastly, I am feeling a sense of nervousness because the majority of the Mets’ players do not have playoff experience, so I am not sure how they will perform under this type of pressure.

All Mets’ fans were asked by the organization to wear orange and blue today as a sign of support for our beloved New York Mets. Being the diehard Mets fan that I am, I did not need the organization to tell me to showcase the team colors today, for me that decision was made well before the organization’s request. Many people often ask me why I am a Mets fan; well it’s because of nights like this that I am a fan of the orange and blue. Life often teaches you patience; waiting for this moment required a lot of patience, because of the fact that we as Mets fans had to sit through nine forgettable and dismal years before we saw the light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

In an effort to be somewhat objective, I am not going to make a prediction as to whether I think the Mets are going to be victorious in this series, nor will I say how many games I think it will take the Mets to win the best of five series, but what I will say is that the Mets that played in July must show up in Los Angeles California, that being the team that was firing on all cylinders, the team that had every break go their way, and the team that played inspired baseball. Over the past two months I have not seen that team; rather I’ve seen a team that is complacent and satisfied with what they have accomplished thus far. In order to take that next step a team must be at their best especially during such a crucial time in the baseball season I am going to be very blunt, this is an obvious statement however I believe it needs to be stated, if the Mets are not victorious in three games during this series they will be eliminated from the playoffs. The reason why I mentioned this is, because I do not feel the players are playing with the sense of urgency that they need in order to be victorious in not only this series, but ANY playoff series.

I said in part one that my eyes would be glued to my television tonight that statement is still true, what is also true is the fact that I will probably be one of the loudest fans cheering from their home tonight for my lovable Mets! As with part one, my final words in this entry into the Orange and Blue Diary will be, LET’S GO METS!