Nov 01

Orange And Blue Diary World Series Part Four-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

So the Mets have put themselves in a tough position by doing the things I said they could not do prior to this series. Yes, Game 3 provided Mets’ fans some hope, but I am sure watching the eighth and ninth inning of Game 4 last night crushed those hopes. I know that is how I feel while I am writing this entry. Kansas City is just on a mission to get the thoughts of their World Series loss last year out of their heads. They are on their way to doing that with some help from the Mets. I put 80% of last night’s loss on Mets’ manager Terry Collins, I will explain why later in this entry.

Let me first address the fans of the orange and blue and say it has been absolutely awesome to watch the passion and all of the emotions, even the bad ones you all have displayed at Citi Field. Whatever the outcome of this series is, I ask all of you to never stop showing those emotions and supporting the New York Mets. I would argue that we are the second most loyal fans in America, only behind, Chicago Cubs’ fans for obvious reasons.

Now that I have been as positive as I can be in the above paragraph I am sorry it is time for me to go on a rant. You might be surprised to know that I do not solely blame Daniel Murphy for last night’s debacle, yes he made a critical error which allowed Kansas City to take a lead which they would never relinquish, but he never should have been in that position. In the top of the eighth inning, Collins made a decision that almost made me want to throw something at my television, instead of calling on Jeurys Familia, who other than in Game 1 has been the true meaning of a closer, he decided to call on the most unreliable pitcher out of the Mets’ bullpen in Tyler Clippard. Up until this point the Mets were holding a 3-2 lead, allow me to remind Terry Collins that that is only a one run margin regardless of the inning. There is no reason in the WORLD SERIES, in a must win game not to use your closer in this situation I do not care that they are playing another game today, you had to win last night, because now look at the situation you are in, great job Terry!!!!

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, now that I have gotten my anger out I can explain. After recording the first out of the inning Clippard proceeded to walk not just the next batter which was the TYING run, but the following batter as well which let me remind you Terry was the WINNING run. It was at that time that Collins decided to make the call to the bullpen, one that should have been made prior to the beginning of the inning the call to Familia. Then came the infamous play with men on first and second base Eric Hosmer hit a ground ball which went under Murphy’s glove which allowed the tying run to score. Kansas City then singled twice which allowed two more runs to score.

Tonight very well could be the Mets’ final game of the season, my hope is that the team shows some heart and pride and does not allow Kansas City to raise the World Series Trophy in their home. Fans of the orange and blue keep yelling at the top of your lungs and yell LET’S GO METS!!!!