Oct 29

Orange And Blue Diary World Series Part Three-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

I would like to begin this entry by giving all Mets’ fans some much needed hope including myself. In 1986 the Mets lost the first two games of the World Series to the Boston Red Sox just like they have done in this series, and well we all remember the outcome of that series. I think I am always quite honest with my readers, maybe sometimes a little too honest. I am not going to sugarcoat anything I write in this entry. I want to start by addressing the fact that I am deeply concerned about the way the Mets have performed in this series thus far, their performance has been atrocious in all aspects of the game. Their inability to do the little things i.e. make solid contact with the baseball, field ground balls cleanly and record outs, and make pitches to get hitters out all haunted the Mets last night.

In sports a team should never go into a game thinking they have an advantage over their opponent, because if they do have this mindset it will affect the way they play, Prior to the beginning of this series most of the prognosticators thought that the Mets would easily win Game 2 because of these two reasons, Johnny Cueto would be starting for Kansas City someone who the Mets have had success against during his time in Cincinnati. The second reason that the Mets were projected to win Game 2 was because of the fact that Jacob deGrom would be starting for the Mets who has been dominant throughout the playoffs, that is until last night. Through the first four innings deGrom was his dominant self, but it all fell apart in the fifth inning when he allowed four runs all with two outs. He had the opportunity to limit Kansas City to one run, but like in Game 1 Eric Hosmer drove in the game-winning runs this time with a two RBI Single with two strikes on him, which goes back to the little things I was talking about, that being the inability to make pitches to get hitters out. Kansas City puts into practice something every baseball player and softball player has been taught since the first time they picked up a bat, that is just make contact with the baseball do not try and hit home runs. Kansas City has done this all postseason and that is one of the biggest reasons why they have been so successful. The players on the team do not care about their individual stats, they care about winning, and they do whatever it takes to do so.

The past success the Mets enjoyed against Cueto certainly was not a factor in last night’s game as Cueto only allowed two very soft hits while pitching a complete game, the Mets looked stupefied at the plate not knowing when to be aggressive and when to not swing. This lack of plate discipline allowed Cueto to give Kansas City the luxury of not having to use their bullpen. This gives them yet another advantage over the Mets especially after the 14 inning marathon in Game 1, which caused both teams to have to make the call to the bullpen more times than they would have liked.

Remember I started this entry by trying to give Mets’ fans some hope, that being said I urge all of you to continue to cheer for our beloved New York Mets! Things might seem bleak at the moment, but I hope that the Mets will enjoy some home cooking, and the friendly confines of Citi Field. Keep shouting your lungs out fans of the orange and blue and continued to yell LET’S GO METS!!!!!