Jan 02

Piscataway brothers Get First Conference Win-Sports talk With Anthony Bonelli

Last night I watched my alma mater, and some of myformer players play for the first time this season, as Rutgers men’s basketball took on Temple University in their inaugural American Athletic Conference game. As they were getting ready to throw the ball up, I said to myself, being on the other side is really weird, what was even stranger was, not having to look at the game from a coache’s perspective. When you love and care about something, you want to do what ever you can to make it better, while I was watching the game, I was talking to my TV like a coach, I would say move your feet, or we don’t that shot, work the ball around.

It was a one point game with about 40 seconds left, which made the fact that I was not there even harder. I said to myself, I believe in my guys, they are going to pull this one out. Wally Judge rebounded the ball with 8.7

and got fouled, as he was headed down the court to the free-throw line I saw the passion and determination in his eyes, and I said to myself, that is why I love my Piscataway brothers and always will. The passion that they have for the game of basketball is effervescent, it is contagious. Ifelt like I was actually at a game, because I felt the same passion as the buzzer sounded, and the announcers said, Rutgers wins!