Nov 01

Ranger pride – Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

This week at Drew started out with me taking the court on Monday with a heavy heart, as I remembered my friend Steve who died seven years ago Monday. As I went into the gym,our women’s coach, Britney Gaetano, informed me that she donated money to the Braydon Carr Foundation which helps kids with seizure disorders and their families. You see the foundation is something very close to my heart, because Jim Carr, the father of Braydon is my mentor, while I was attending Rutgers, I worked with Jim, and he told me about his son, and how he had a seizure disorder and he was going to find a cure for his son. Unfortunately later that year his son passed away. I am now coaching at Drew in memory of Braydon. I told this story to Britney and she said the story touched her heart so much and she donated because of me.

I can’t tell you how much that gesture meant to me, I went from being in a somber mood to being so grateful that I work in such a great place. For someone who I just met in August to make such a kind gesture touches my heart.

Right now I consider myself a sponge, because every time I go to practice, I try and learn everything I can, not only about coaching, but about our players as well. I try and learn what motivates them, one thing I learned from coaches like Rick Pitino and Dawn Staley, is basketball isn’t all about strategizing, it’s also about finding out what motivates your players. I am so excited to start the season, and see how much out guys grow throughout the year. Yes as a coach you do want to win, but you also want to see your players grow on the court and off. I want to finish this by saying I am so grateful to be a part of the Ranger family, and I will always have Ranger pride