Nov 24

Ready To Go (The Road Continued – Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More)

Tomorrow is finally here, what is tomorrow you ask, tomorrow I enter my second season of coaching, in a new, but familiar venue. When I was a student at Warren Hills Regional High School, I was a Student Manager for the boys’ basketball and baseball programs. As a member of those two programs, when we played the Hunterdon Central Red Devils, that game meant a little bit more, because their programs were always good. For example, in 2006 we played them in a conference game, and they were ranked 19th in the state for all baseball programs.

It was 7:00 PM on June 30, my cell phone rang, I didn’t recognize the number, I said, “Hello.” The voice on the other end said, “Anthony, this is Coach Walker, how are you?” I said, “I am well Coach.” I worked with Coach Walker previously during my time at Warren Hills with the boys’ basketball team. He then said, “Anthony, I would like to offer you the Co-Varsity Assistant Coach position at Hunterdon Central Regional High School for our girls’ basketball program, do you accept the offer? I said, “Coach, I certainly do.”

Prior to a horse race, horses have to be put in the starting gate; this process can be difficult, because the horse is so excited and ready to race. This is how I feel when I think about what this new opportunity might have in store for me. Words cannot even begin to describe how excited, honored and humbled I am to not only to begin this season, but also to be a part of such a great program with such a great reputation. I promise the Hunterdon Central Regional High School community, that I will come to work every day with the sole intention of making the girls’ basketball program better, and I will put my heart and soul into this task, and you will not be disappointed. I am ready to GO.