May 19

Rise Up-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

As I expected, the Mets and Nationals split the first two games of their three-game series. After a scintillating performance by Noah Syndergaard on Monday night, where he dominated for seven innings while striking out 10 and walking none, the Mets collection of pitchers last night walked a season high 11 batters. When you give a team like Washington the chance to score multiple runs they rarely miss an opportunity to do so, and that was the case last night.

Dwelling on the past is not the focus of this entry in the Orange and Blue Diary, rather the focus of this entry is to plead with Matt Harvey, also known as the Dark Knight, to finally get back on track and pitch like the fans of the Orange and Blue know he can. Many people have given their opinions on the subject of why Harvey seems to be struggling this year. Keeping that in mind, it is time for me to put my baseball coach hat on and throw my opinion into the ring. I am going to try and simplify my explanation as best I can for those of you who are not baseball fans. I want to paint a picture in all of your heads, imagine that you are having a surprise party for someone and one of the guests coming to the party does not know that the party is a surprise. The guest tells the person who the party is for that he or she will see the person at the party. The surprise is ruined, as much as the person will try to act surprised the day of the party it will just not be the same. Now getting back to Harvey, in my estimation in this early part of the year, his Fastball is the only pitch that has been effective for him. The first time the hitters in the opposing lineup face him they have difficulty adjusting to the speed of his Fastball. The second time they face him they know what is coming, because his Curveball does not have the break it needs to in order to fool them. This is why Harvey struggles in the middle innings, because the opposing team has seen Harvey’s repertoire and they are not fazed by it. In other words, the element of surprise is not there. As much as Harvey tries to throw a Fastball by the opposing hitters, as a pitcher if you only have one effective pitch you can throw you will struggle at any level no matter how fast you throw.

Locating pitches is like painting a picture, if you do not use the right color in the right spot of picture the picture will look different then you envisioned. Likewise, if a pitch is not located correctly it will not have the same effectiveness. This is not something that can always be corrected instantly, sometimes it will take a pitcher a few outings before this will be fixed.

I agree, Harvey has been far from the dominant force we all enjoyed watching last year, but I urge all Mets’ fans to be patient, I know what you are thinking you are crazy, we have been patient long enough, well let me ask you this, if Harvey goes out tonight and pitches the best game he has pitched thus far this season wouldn’t it be worth the wait?

So Mr. Harvey, it is time to live up to your nickname and Rise Up, just as the original Dark Knight would in this situation. LET’S GO METS!!!!