Sep 26

Rolling Thunder-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And Dan Valleau And More

When a person sees lightning, usually what follows is a booming sound which some people refer to as Rolling Thunder. During the NBA offseason, teams look to improve, which some call making noise. The Oklahoma City Thunder have signed some of the league’s best players, in other words they have made a tremendous amount of noise.

Another term, or cliché that some sports fans and commentators use when a team is on a winning streak, is rolling, which means they cannot be stopped. If fans put the words Rolling Thunder together, they can accurately describe Oklahoma City’s offseason, productive because they made acquisitions, which team executives believe will help them improve.

When NBA free agency began on July 1, one of the first signings that was reported was former Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George signing with the Thunder. This signing came as a surprise to NBA fans and analysts. When the signing became official, analysts were predicting that Oklahoma City would improve upon their 47-35 record, and compete for a championship, given the fact that George is partnered with the reigning Most Valuable Player in the league, Russell Westbrook.

Recently, New York Knicks All-Star Carmelo Anthony made it widely known to the organization, as well as the other teams in the league that he no longer wished to play with the Knicks. Sometimes players have no control over what jersey they will wear next. Anthony however, had a no- trade clause in his contract, which meant before any trade was finalized Anthony would have to approve it. It was reported that Anthony would only approve a trade which sent him to the Houston Rockets or Cleveland Cavaliers.

Sometimes a player can change his mind when going through the process of finding a new team. ESPN Senior NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported Saturday, that the Knicks and the Thunder agreed to a deal which sent Anthony to Oklahoma City, and center Enes Kanter, and small forward Doug McDermott to New York. The Knicks also received a second-round draft pick in the 2018 draft in the trade. NBA analysts are now more confident in their earlier predictions, because Oklahoma City will now have three all-stars in their starting lineup.

Some people have a fear of thunderstorms, because of the noise they create or the destruction they can cause. Oklahoma City Thunder fans might enjoy the thunderstorms that will potentially be created in Chesapeake Energy Arena. There is no way to statistically judge whether the trades Oklahoma City made will be successful now, but that analysis will begin on October 18 when the Thunder begin their season at home against their recent trade partners, the Knicks. While Oklahoma City fans anxiously await that day, they can say the phrase Rolling Thunder.