Jan 19

Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli-Drew University Men’s Basketball commentary January 18

I woke up today saying today is going to be a great day! It was going to be a a great day because it was going to be filled with college basketball. The day started at 12:30 PM when the University of Rhode Island’s men’s basketball team took on George Mason University. For those of you that don’t know, I have a special connection with the University of Rhode Island, my mentor Jim Carr is an assistant there. I was watching the game and it was a back and forth game the whole first half.

It was 2:00 PM that meant it was time for the Drew University men’s basketball game where I am an assistant coach at Juniata College. I was watching the Rhode Island game on my TV and the Drew game on my computer. Drew started the game up 7-0, as Rhode Island and George Mason continued to go back and forth in the second half. After we got off to such a great start, we started to struggle, but I could see in our players’eyes that they were ready to win this game. We were down at half-time but I knew we were going to play well in his second-half.

Halftime in the Drew meant I could catch overtime in the Rhode Island game. It really was a tight game, Rhode Island was up by three and then George Mason tied it with less than 30 seconds left in overtime. After George Mason tied it, Rhode Island threw the inbound pass to half- court because George Mason had no one playing beyond half-court. There player got fouled while shooting, and went to the free-throw line and made two free throws. Rhode Island was up two, George Mason only had time for a desperation shot which they missed Rhode Island wins!

Now it was time for the second half of the Drew game, we started the half slow and we were down by 10. As I said I could see the determination in our players’eyes. We started to come back and make some shots, we were down by four. Our defense was playing like angry dogs who wanted something to eat, Juniata could not get into a rhythm on offense because everything that they did we were ready for. It was tied with with less than 35 seconds left in regulation and Juniata had the ball. If they score they win. They put up a shot and missed it, overtime. A minute into overtime we were down by four, and then we hit a big three. The game continued to go back and forth throughout overtime, with 3.5 seconds left Juniata scored they were now up one. Like in the Rhode Island George Mason game, there was only time for a desperation three. Our best player brings the ball up the floor, throws the ball up and it goes in!

I want to say that the Drew University women’s basketball team won today as well. I woke up today saying it was going to be a great day, and a great day it was three wins by my three favorite teams! How much better does it get!