Jan 09

Stop Assuming-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

The Baseball. Hall of Fame Class Of 2014 was announced yesterday, although it is a terrific class, with Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Frank Thomas, Bobby Cox, Tony La Russa and Joe Torre being inducted, there is one guy missing. Mike Piazza arguably the best hitting catcher in baseball, only received 62% of the vote, in order to be inducted you need 75% of the vote. The reason why Piazza has not gotten a call from Cooperstown, is because The Baseball Hall of Fame voters suspect Piazza used performance enhancing drugs. This suspicion has no bearing, Piazza has never appeared in documents like The Mitchell Report, or any other document listing players that did use performance enhancing drugs. In that field of journalism, a writer is told that or she must have proof to back up what they’re saying. So why is this situation any different? Some if not all of the voters are said to be some of the most well-respected and the best in the business. So why do they forget the number one rule of journalism, you must have proof to back up what you are saying? Piazza will I hope eventually be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but it never should have taken this long!