Jan 05

Taking Things For Granted-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

Another day of football, and yet another team lost that should have won. The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the San Diego Chargers today in the wild-card round of the National Football League playoffs. If I were Marvin Lewis I would be very disappointed in my team’s performance, because Cincinnati had no energy, and they were playing like robots. San Diego had to not only win last week, but they needed Baltimore and Miami to lose,to make the playoffs. on the other hand, had nothing to play for last week. Which brings me to my point, you should not rest your players in the last week of the season. We saw it last night when Kansas City lost to Indianapolis, so you have two teams that rested their players last week in order to be ready for the playoffs, that are now going back home. There is a certain mentality after they take a week off, almost like next week’s game is going to be easy so we still have to prepare. Well we saw this weekend that that certainly is not true, especially in a game of football.