Dec 08

The Battle Of Madison Avenue-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

It’s time for Morristown’s version of Duke North Carolina, as Drew University takes on Fairleigh Dickinson Florham tomorrow night. Throughout the week people have been asking me are you excited for the battle of Madison Avenue, I would respond by saying, I am worried about our next game I will worry about that game on Sunday. Well it’s Sunday and we are on two game losing streak and what better way to end it, then to be our rival on our home court. With all the hype, I learned a very valuable coaching lesson this week, and that is it’s just another out of conference game, and all we are trying to do is get back on track no matter who the next game is against.

I want to end this blog by thanking Taryn Murphy of the Acorn, which is the Drew University student newspaper, for writing a terrific feature on my first year at Drew. I am humbled by not only the kind words said about me in the article by the Drew athletic department, but also the outpouring of support from them throughout this season. I really can’t even describe the excitement that I feel every time I arrive on campus. This experience has taught me so much about not only coaching, but life. You see as a coach, you have to have a short-term memory. You may say why,every time your team loses a game, you have to forget about that game and start preparing for the next. Before this year that was a little difficult for me, because I have so much passion and want to win every game.Although it is still a work in progress I think I am slowly learning how to forget about the last game, win or lose.
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