Jul 06

The Return of Showtime?-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

In the 1980s the Los Angeles Lakers were also known as the “Showtime” Lakers because of their fast-paced flashy play. That team was led by Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who was the Point Guard, 38 years after being drafted by the team, Johnson is now the Point Guard of the Lakers’ front office, as the President of Basketball Operations.

When Johnson was hired in February, he said, “I will do everything in my power to build a winning culture on and off the court.” Johnson has already begun building that culture. Prior to this year’s draft, the Lakers traded Guard D’Angelo Russell and Center Timofey Mozgov to the Brooklyn Nets for All-Star Center Brook Lopez and the rights to the 27th overall pick in the draft, University of Utah Power Forward Kyle Kuzma.

As every team does, the Lakers continued to build during the draft taking UCLA Guard Lonzo Ball with the second pick. Johnson has already called Ball the new “face of the franchise.” The purple and gold also acquired Villanova Guard Josh Hart and Indiana University Center Thomas Bryant from the Utah Jazz in exchange for North Carolina Center Tony Bradley Jr. Hart was a four-year starter at Villanova and an integral part of the Wildcats National Championship team in 2016. Bryant averaged 12.6 points and 6.6 rebounds per game in his final season with the Hoosiers

When people are putting together puzzles, they must make each piece of the puzzle fit together perfectly to recreate the picture illustrated on the box of the puzzle. Similarly, when trying to put together a championship caliber NBA team, everyone involved must make sure their players fit together to recreate the picture that every NBA team has in their head, the one where their team is holding the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Unlike a puzzle created by Milton Bradley or HASBRO, this type of puzzle does not have a set number of pieces, or in this case, players that will recreate this image, nor does it have a timetable for its completion.

The Lakers and Johnson have already shown that they are not afraid to make bold moves through the draft and through trades to bring the Larry O’Brien Trophy back to the Staples Center. On July 1, 2018, some of the NBA’s best players could become free agents. Players and fans recognize when teams are being aggressive in pursuit of a championship. This attitude can be enticing to those players looking for a new team.

The Lakers won five championships in the 1980s, but before it was “Showtime” there were trades and draft picks that needed to be made.

· With the first pick in the 1979 draft the Lakers selected Johnson of Michigan State University.

· On February 15, 1980, the Lakers traded Power Forward Don Ford and their 1980 first-round draft pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Point Guard Butch Lee and Cleveland’s first-round pick in the 1982 draft.

· Cleveland used that 1980 first-round draft pick to select Chad Kinch, Guard from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

· The Lakers used that 1982 first-round draft pick to select James Worthy from the University of North Carolina.

These are just some of the moves that were made which helped the Lakers become champions.

Long time Lakers’ fans without question are anxiously awaiting the day that they can proudly proclaim, “It’s Showtime again,” and they may not have to wait too much longer.