Sep 06

The Underdog-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

Tomorrow is Labor Day, a day that is intended for all the people in the United States of America and Canada to honor all of the people in their workforce. Labor Day is also known for bringing families together with barbecues, football, and many other activities as summer concludes. The college football season began on Thursday, there have been some great games thus far, but there is a headline matchup tomorrow night that all college football fans should be looking with anticipation towards, but not for the reasons one might think.

The Ohio State University Buckeyes are the defending college football champions, and are trying to accomplish the daunting task of repeating this feat. Once a team becomes a champion, especially a defending champion, every one of your upcoming opponents does their best to beat you. A person might say, a team wants to win every game, yes this is true, however when you beat the best it is a little bit more special. Keeping this thought process in mind; the defending champion in college football usually schedules lesser opponents at the start of the season. They do this because college football does not have an exhibition season.

The Virginia Tech University Football Program played its first game on October 21, 1892, at that time the school was known as Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College. Over its 123 year history like with any sports team, collegiate or professional, there are many self-proclaimed diehard fans of the team. These fans make it their business to know everything about their favorite team, and some even do everything they can to experience the atmosphere of one live home game.

Tomorrow in Blacksburg Virginia, the Virginia Tech Hokies will take on the Ohio State Buckeyes in a primetime Labor Day matchup. On paper the Hokies will be the underdog, but the beauty of sports is the fact that even though a team might be considered the underdog you never know what can happen.

It has been 10 days since the tragic deaths of Television Journalist Alison Parker and Cameraman Adam Ward, and I am sure that this tragic event is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Often times I write about how sports can bring people together. Adam Ward before he began his second life was a diehard Virginia Tech Football fan who from what I have read never missed an opportunity to talk about his beloved Hokies. I have no doubt in my mind that Ward will be watching from above hoping that his Hokies can pull off the monumental upset of the defending champions.

As a sports fan and journalist I love to look for stories beyond the game, this would certainly qualify as one of those stories. I am not a fan of either Ohio State or Virginia Tech, but at 8:00 PM Eastern Time I know I will be hoping for the monumental upset, just like Ward will..

In honor of Labor Day, and in memory of Adam Ward, I ask all of the readers of this blog, if you do not have a rooting interest for tomorrow’s game, please root for the home team and the underdog!