Jan 05

True Motivator-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

Motivation is a complex word, but it is a key factor in individual and team success. Every individual is motivated by different things, some people might be motivated by song lyrics, while some might be motivated by a person in their life, a parent or a coach just to name a few. Being a coach can be challenging at times, that is because a coach along with coming up with different strategies to beat opponents, he or she must also spend time not only with his or her team, but also with the individual players on the team. If a coach does not take the time to get to know the individual players on the team, it will be very difficult to not only motivate the individuals on the team, but also the team as a whole. As a coach you must show your team that you are totally invested in getting the best out of them, and being successful on the field of play.

One of the best motivators in sports, Tom Coughlin stepped down from his post as New York Giants’ Head Coach on Black Monday. Black Monday is a term in the National Football League that refers to the Monday after the regular season ends when some teams that did not make the postseason fire their coaches. While Coughlin did not officially get fired, Giants’ ownership and Coughlin mutually agreed that it was in the best interest of the organization for Coughlin to step down. We all know the saying numbers do not tell the whole story, and yes Coughlin did help the Giants raise two Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophies, but if you ask any of the New York Giants’ players they would say Coughlin is more than a coach, he is a motivator.

Speaking from experience, every coach hopes that just one of their players understands that the sport they are playing is more than just a game, it is also a platform where individuals can learn life lessons that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Coaches also hope that they can have a relationship with their players even after their coach player relationship is over. Coughlin certainly achieved these feats during his 12 years with the Giants, how can I tell you ask, I could tell by the way the Giants’ players carried themselves on and off the field. It was reported that during Coughlin’s final press conference Quarterback Eli Manning was on the verge of tears. If that does not tell you what kind of impact Coughlin had on his players, I do not know what will

I have been watching football for over 20 years, during those 20 years I have seen many teams give up on lost seasons, meaning seasons where a team knows that they will not make the postseason. In the 12 years that Coughlin was with the Giants I do not remember one time where I said to myself they have given up. Yes, there were some years where the Giants were not the most talented team in football, including this past one, but they never quit on Coughlin, that is the true meaning of a great coach and a great motivator.

I hope this is not the last we see of Coughlin in football, because the game is better when he is in it, because he gets the best out of everyone he comes in contact with. That is why he is a True Motivator!