Nov 17

Unbelievable Day – Sports Talk with Anthony Bonelli

I woke up today hoping that the Drew University men’s basketball team would get their first victory of the season. That’s exactly what they did, let me set up for you, I don’t travel with the team and they were playing at New York University in a tipoff tournament. They usually have live streaming video of the games on their website, but today they did not. So I went on our opponents’website, and they had a written play-by-play of the game but no video. I said okay at least it’s something,the game was close from start. All throughout the game I was watching all of the updates so closely, I did not even know what was happening in the football games today.
So there was about 5 minutes to go in the game, and I read that someone on our team got a technical foul.  It was SO close and I said to myself we don’t need this right now. Luckily it didn’t hurt us to bed because with 3 second one of our players put in the game winning layup. I started to scream, and my assistant wanted to know if I was okay, because he was worried that something happened to me. I shouted to him we won!

It is such a great feeling to know that you were part of such a successful day. There are so many emotions going through my head I can’t even describe them. I can’t wait to greet the guys tomorrow! We are going to continue their winning ways on Tuesday in our home opener, come out and support us!