Jan 05

Wild Game-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli

I have to start this blog by apologizing to the Miami Dolphins, I said last week that their performance was the ultimate choke job. I have to retract that statement and say, the performance by the Kansas City Chiefs today is by far the alternate choke job! The Chiefs were up by 28 points with about 12 min. left in the third quarter. Then Andrew Luck decided to take the game over. Yes, the Chiefs were decimated by injuries on the defensive there side of the ball, and yes they lost their first and second string running back, but seriously Kansas City! You let Indianapolis stomp all over you, and when you forced a fumble that would have more than likely ended the game, if you fell on the ball, Andrew Luck picked It up and ran it to the end zone.

Andy Reid has always been scrutinized for his playoff record, and today certainly did nothing to quiet his critics. My question is:,is Indianapolis the Baltimore last year?