Nov 18

Win-Sports Talk With Anthony Bonelli And More

Win, such a small word with so much power. Hours and hours of preparation go in to accomplish that word, a word that costs coaches their jobs, a word in which a coach’s success is judged on, and a word that can give a coach the greatest sense of joy and stress. Prior to every season, no matter what you coach, every coaching staff meets to discuss goals and objectives for the upcoming season. The goals that are discussed center around achieving that ultimate sense of joy, that sense of accomplishment.
On the morning of, Sunday November 17, 2013, as An Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Drew University, I was reflecting on our first game which took place the day before against New York University. We did not play well, and we lost the game, this meant we would play Elmira College in the Consolation Game of the New York University Tip-Off Tournament. I did not travel with the Rangers, so my routine for an away game included, listening to music that would get me going, having a moment of silence, like we would in the locker room before a home game, and finally try and find a video feed of the game. On this day, there was no video feed available which I was very disappointed about, however there were live stats, this format gives a written play-by-play account of the game as it is happening. I can remember feeling a range of emotions, disappointment when we would start to lose, hopeful, as we started to come back, excitement when we would take the lead. In the last 1: 28, I was experiencing all those emotions at the same time, at least that’s what it felt like as there were three lead changes. I can only imagine what my heart rate was during this time, even when I am watching a game live, or via a video feed my heart rate jumps, it was jumping even more due to the fact that I could not see the game.

My computer screen read 68-68 with just 5 seconds remaining in regulation, all of a sudden I see that we took the lead 70-68, but there was still time for Elmira to get a shot off, I was watching so intently, I don’t think I blinked, or was breathing. The scoreboard showed double zeros and the word Final, we were victorious. I felt that sense of joy and sense of accomplishment for each one of our eleven wins, but this one was special this was my first win as a coach. A moment that I will always remember, a moment that will help me through the adversity that life brings and a moment that I will cherish forever