Nov 07

Words Have Power-Hunterdon Central Girls Basketball Commentary

The English language has so many words that have several different meanings, and some of those words have special meanings to us individually. Words that can remind us of special occasions, special people, or words that just make us chuckle because of the way they sound when we pronounce them. As I embark on my second year as a basketball coach, there is one word that will have a very special meaning to me. You see, as a coach one of the common words you use is the word go, this can have several meanings in this field of work, sometimes a coach will use the word go to start a drill, sometimes it can be used to encourage your team to push forward when they are tired, these are just two examples, but there are many more.

On October 4, the word go became a very special word to me. A World War II veteran, an avid Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, and Tampa Bay Rays fan, an amazing father, and from my perspective, the most loving caring grandfather George Onieal left this Earth, and began his second life. As I cried that night, I decided to dedicate my second season of coaching to him. When I was reflecting on his life, a light bulb went off in my head, and I said wow I am going to use the word go a lot, and those were Grandpa’s Initials, at that moment I started to cry and I realized that this tribute was going to be even more special.
In just over two weeks, I will be starting to write a new chapter in my life, as I begin coaching at Hunterdon Central Regional High School, in Flemington New Jersey. I have been entrusted with the task of helping the Girls’ Basketball Program reach their maximum potential, as I have been named the Co-Varsity Assistant Coach. This title is special in and of itself, because I am not only expected to help the team win, but I’ll also be expected to help the young girls become better people off the field of play. Yes, there are some butterflies in my stomach just as I write that statement, some of them are nervous butterflies, and some of them are excited butterflies.

From my experience, and from what I’ve read, when you decide to do something for more than yourself, you tend to put some extra effort into what you are doing, in my case I will be putting a little extra effort in every one of my coaching responsibilities, and I will also not miss an opportunity to use that very special word go. I am going to end this story by saying, Let’s GO Red Devils!

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  1. Emma

    Anthony this is great and it is no doubt you will be a great coach and role model with GO to guide you and the team!

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